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Please Read!

At Flesh Tattoos we are committed to the health and safety of our staff, clients and community. As such we have developed a detailed Covid-19 plan to be implemented upon reopening.

Please understand that while some may find our new practices extreme, these policies are vital to ensure the highest level of safety for all.



1. ALL clients will be required to wear a mask to be serviced at Flesh Tattoos. We ask that you bring your own to assist us in reducing PPE costs. But if you do not have a mask, one will be provided to you. This is non-negotiable. You will also be required to use our hand santizer upon arriving to the studio as a first step through the doors.

2. We will have a mandatory 2 week travel ban time frame from date of return to Canada to date of your booked appointment. This information is on our legal waiver. We expect to keep this travel restriction in place until 2021, or until the travel restrictions are lifted by the government due to lack of global safety concerns.

3. Clients must attend their service appointment on their own.

No friends, family or visitors will be permitted on-site to maintain the least amount of staff and patrons within the studio at any given time.

4. Our waiting area is closed.

Clients will be expected to arrive for the appointments on time. If you arrive early, you may wait in your car until your booked appointment time, but you will not be permitted on-site to sit and wait.

IF YOU ARE RUNNING LATE, you must be in touch with your artist prior to your appointment time. Time frames of 20 minute delay or more will result in your appointment needing to be re-booked, it also may result in void of deposit. Being late for your appointment will mean reducing sterilization time for next client in and we will not be risking the health and safety of all, for late arrivals.

If you are not in touch with your artist to notify of late arrival, it will count as a "no show" and loss of deposit.

we are putting emphasis on time management and accountability.



1. Clients will be required to call and re-book if feeling unwell. If notice is given there will be no penalty. We will temporarily not be requiring a new deposit to re-book based on illness. Deposits will be rolled over to new date and time with notice (24-48 hrs).

Discretion will be used based on each individual circumstance.

** If you call in when you are already supposed to be at your appointment, where client arrives noticeably unwell, where client attends appointment with lingering cough, you will be asked to rebook at your own cost.

Just because we are being flexible, doesn't mean we won't expect common sense to be used as well as respect and common courtesy for our staff and others.

     *** COUGHS: We will not permit clients in for service or on-site with an active cough. Not clearing your throat, but an on-going cough. EVEN IF SERVICE HAS ALREADY STARTED, those with frequent, repetitive coughs will be asked to leave the studio. Be smart, trying to evade symptoms and our policies, will not work. We are relying on our community to be honest and conscientious.


All clients who received Tattoo services AFTER JANUARY 15, 2020, or whom had a cancelled touch-up appointment due to Covid closure; will have 6 WEEKS FROM THE DATE OF REOPENING to have their touch-up competed free of charge. We will be posting notice of our reopening immediately once we get the go ahead. Please be in touch with your artist ASAP once this happens to book, OR be in touch now to get on their call back list to be contacted for appointment when we reopen.

Beyond this 6 weeks allotted time frame, touch-ups will be done at the clients cost.

All new services provided going forward once we reopen are governed by our regular policy, entitling client to one free touch-up within 3 months of the date of application.


1. ALL staff will be working masked, with face shield. Other body PPE will be worn as needed or recommended by York Region Public Health.

2. A minimum of 15 minutes will be spaced between client appointments to ensure staff has enough time to adequately sterilize work station before next appointment.

3. We have rigorous cleaning protocols already in place as mandated by York Region Public Health which we have amplified to ensure safety within this pandemic state.

Which includes but is not limited to:

Full wipe down of commonly touched surfaces and areas 2-3x/ day. Morning & closing. Sometimes mid day on high traffic days. Commonly touched surfaces and areas include, doors, door handles, table tops, pens, clip boards, washrooms, tattoo stations, chairs, drafting room, Debit machines, kitchen area, floors etc. We will leave nothing in our studio untouched.

We use hospital grade anti-microbial cleaning solutions. Most commonly used are CaviCide, High potency bleach wipes, medical grade green soap and 70-90% alcohol products.



Our studio hourly rates and shop minimum will NOT be increasing.

Flesh Tattoos has absorbed the PPE and covid related costs. We will not be reflecting this onto our clients!

We will not be offering any mass promo's as planned to prevent crowds and client flow through the studio. Currently all promo's we had planned have been cancelled except for our annual Script Promo in December. Which may be subject to change. Please Follow us on Instagram (FleshTattoos905) for any Changes or Promos that may be advertised.

Consultations will be scheduled BY APPOINTMENT ONLY for the foreseeable future.

Accepted payments for service will remain Cash, Credit, Debit.

Deposits can be submitted via Cash or E-transfer to the artist you are booking with.

We know this is a lot to take in. We understand these changes may not always be convenient or comfortable. But this is what we need to do to be able to service our fantastic community once again. It won't be forever!

Protocls are still subject to change based on guidelines to be rolled out by the province and Public Health. Check back for updates!!

Stay Safe and Well everyone!



Deposits, Cancellation, Age Requirements, Personal Hygiene expectations, Touch-Ups.....

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24 Nov 2018


It's a hard Nope!

Hand and finger tattoos are unique and complicated for many reasons. Namely the success rate for a nicely healed outcome is less than 5% of the population.

Your "Best Case" scenario is...

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