York Region Public

Health Inspected & Respected!


NO Haggling, Bargaining, Discounts

NO Attitudes, Rudeness or Abuse of staff

NO Drugs or Alcohol use

NO empty stomachs! Please eat before you arrive

NO children

NO Smelliness, Poor Hygiene, Lack of General Self Care

**PLEASE NOTE: If you are deemed unfit by our staff to be present in the studio for any length of time due to lack of personal hygiene, you will be asked to reschedule at your own cost.


We thank you for your adherence to our shop rules! Your understanding of our policies only enables us to serve you better.

We reserve the right to deny service to anyone based on no show, inappropriate behavior or any individual circumstance the staff feels is unacceptable. WE HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY RELATING TO THREATS, VIOLENCE OR ABUSE OF OUR STAFF.


Deposits are non-refundable.

A Deposit is required to book your tattoo appointment.

This ensures your artist can commit the necessary time solely for your tattoo design. The minimum deposit required is $50 which comes off your tattoo total the day of your appointment. A greater amount is required upfront on large scale pieces; sleeve work, back pieces and hourly commissioned work. 

If circumstances outside of the shop's control occur that prevents the client from having services rendered (namely abuse of staff, when children are brought to appointment, poor client hygiene, illness etc.) or where designs have been drafted/ confirmed and design change occurs; YOUR DEPOSIT WILL BE RETAINED BY FLESH TATTOOS and new deposit will be required to re-book. 


Failure to provide reasonable notice may result in our staff discontinuing working relationship with our studio going forward. New deposit is required to re-book should you become unable to attend your appointment.

These policies are in place to ensure quality work is provided to our clients with mutual respect of artist and client time and efforts. Policy is in place to ensure the client has committed to their appointment date and has made appropriate arrangements with their work, childcare etc.

** Appointments that cannot be satisfied due to abusive behavior by client are billable for service hours scheduled at the discretion of our staff and can be enforced via private Collections agency.

Tattoo Designs:

The designs/ artwork/ other elements created by our staff for the purpose of your tattoo, become property of Flesh Tattoos. In entirety, as intellectual and tangible property of the artist. Not to be used by another artist for purpose of Tattooing. 


We guarantee our work!

You have the opportunity to have one free touch up within 3 months from the date of your tattoo, provided you applied appropriate aftercare as directed by your artist.

You are healed enough to receive re-touching after 3 weeks post tattoo application.

The client is responsible for booking their touch-up in a timely manner. Our artists do get booked up quickly and it is up to the client to ensure their touch-up is booked with enough time to plan ahead. Flesh Tattoos will not be held responsible in circumstances where we are too booked up to accommodate a touch-up appointment due to poor planning on clients end or where client has forgotten and the 3 month time period has past. 

Damage to the tattoo due to negligence, vacations, swimming, picking etc is evident to your artist and will result in touch ups being done at the clients own cost.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not book touch-up appointments for Saturdays.

** Hand & Finger Tattoos are not guaranteed due to unpredictable healed outcomes. All retouching needed for hand & finger tattoos is done at the clients own cost.

Gift Certificates

All tattoo Gift Certificates are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Once the one year expiry date passes, the tattoo amount purchased is void and retained by Flesh Tattoos.

It is the clients responsibility to be in touch to schedule tattoo appointment and give enough notice as we have a wait time for appointments. Flesh Tattoos will not be held responsible if we are too booked up and busy with existing bookings to be able to accommodate tattoo appointment where client has left booking too last minute causing certificate to expire.

**Please Note: if you have a specific artist you would like to purchase for, you must make that known at the time of purchase. Otherwise your artist for appointment will be whomever filled out and authorized certificate at the time of purchase. 

** No deposit can be taken on pre-paid gift certificate tattoo appointments to reserve spot as is our traditional policy. As such, the date scheduled for appointment cannot be changed, cancelled or rescheduled. To do so results in all, or a portion of value (for larger amounts) becoming VOID and being retained by the studio. Please keep this in mind when booking your appointment to ensure you are available for the date/time scheduled. 

Policy Update Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana is now legal in Canada for recreational use and we have updated our studio policy accordingly to reflect our service requirements. Please note, on our waiver clients are to agree that they are free from use of Drugs or Alcohol. Our staff has the right to refuse service to anyone we believe to be under the influence. Our studio is smoke free (including cigarettes). And those who wish to use Marijuana outside, will be asked to step away from our doors so as to not have the smoke affect our inner premises. While minors are not permitted on-site for Tattooing services; we do occasionally have young ones attend for piercing. Please be respectful of our policies and artists to ensure you receive a smooth and effective experience. This policy is in place to ensure the health and safety of our clients and staff.

We have validated this policy is legal and enforceable with our York Region Public Health regulatory body.

We Do Not Tattoo Minors



Canadian contract law dictates one of the 6 elements to create a legally binding contract is capacity. By law a minor (under the age of 18 for Ontario) cannot legally enter into a binding and enforceable contract as a minor. For the purpose of tattooing whereby a consent waiver (contract) must be signed prior to receiving tattoo services, a minor (person under the age of 18) cannot legally provide consent with acceptance and full capacity to the extent that it be legally binding. As such tattoo services cannot be legally rendered. A minor as dictated under the Age of Majority and Accountability Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. A.7

** We do NOT accept parental signature to consent for Minor to be tattooed.

All clients MUST be 18+ with government issued I.D. This is a no contest, without exception policy.


8 Jan 2019


It is advised to have 3 weeks (2 weeks bare minimum) of time between the date of your tattoo application to the date of travel. Preferably 4 weeks heal time for travel to hot destinations where.....

24 Nov 2018


It's a hard Nope!

Hand and finger tattoos are unique and complicated for many reasons. Namely the success rate for a nicely healed outcome is less than 5% of the population.

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