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 Hourly rate $180/hr +hst 
$100 Studio minimum **restrictions apply. 
FREE consultations 
reduced apprentice rates for our artist in training! 

Meet The Tattoo Team



Lola has been tattooing for 23 years.

Back when Tattoos were still badass and rebellion was strong. She gives resting bitch face its place in the urban dictionary. Lola can tattoo in any style you choose but specializes in large scale black and grey designs, colour illustrative, urban payasa and female face tattoo designs, large scale custom scripts.

Lola is well versed in cross contamination and blood borne pathogen prevention. The woman everyone loves to hate.


Mad Matt

Matt has been tattooing for 5 years and has been involved in artistic expressions for years beyond that. He is adept at large scale Photo-Realism, graffiti, custom script, fine line and custom design murals. Matt has invested focus in photo realism tattooing and prefers working in this style.


Sammy Sweetheart

Sam has 5 years of tattooing experience and is constantly advancing and working on his craft. He enjoys  graphic style, Japanese, and new school colour designs. Sam is always up for a challenge and can custom create a design perfect for you!

Flesh Staff Value Added Services

Navel Piercing


Pokey (cristina) has been piercing for 4 years and is proficient at providing fast and painless piercing service!

She enjoys ear curation and configuration; advising her client of the unique and customized patterns to suit their individual bodies.

An array of custom jewelry is available to choose from and purchase for piercing upgrades.

Tattoo Removal_edited.jpg


Our certified laser tattoo removal technician is available to give your skin at second chance!

The service is suitable for all skin types and tones.

Whether you're looking to just lighten in order to replace your old tattoo with a new piece of artwork or whether you're looking to remove back to your skins natural beauty, we have a custom tailored plan for you!

Book your FREE consultation today!

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