Studio Minimum $80.

Hourly Sr.$160/hr & Jr.$120/hr +hst


Joey has over 14 years experience as an artist and specializes in being a Rockstar with enormous personality. He is adept at any and all styles of tattooing but his strengths are centralized in photo-realism, black and grey, new school, old school and abstract. Joey is well versed in cross contamination prevention and blood borne pathogen control.

Joey is awesome..... Be like Joey!

*We are proud supporters of the Sem; Colon project and medic-Alert Tattooing trends!



Lola has been tattooing for 19 years.

Back when Tattoos were still badass and rebellion was strong. She gives resting bitch face its place in the urban dictionary. Lola can tattoo in any style you choose but specializes in Cover-Ups, Fixes, Trash Polka, Colour and new school tattoo design.

Lola also offers permanent beauty mark creation and scar improvement using premium plant based cosmetic inks.

Lola is well versed in cross contamination and blood borne pathogen prevention. The woman everyone loves to hate. 

Flesh Jr. Artists

Mad Matt

Sammy Sweetheart

Matt and Sam have one year of experience in the Tattoo Game. They are actively booking and continuing to hone the craft and expand their skill. they remain responsible and professional in their client service and do not bite off more than they can chew. 

Matt's focus is with Black and Grey realism, portraits and photo realism techniques.

Sam has focus on colour, graphic design and new school tattoo styles.

These two up and coming artists are going to make a real mark on the industry! Keep an eye out on our Instagram for samples of their work and availability.

Or come check them out at Flesh Tattoos!!!


Cosmetic Tattoo Services

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